Selection Policy

Objectives of the Selection Policy

1. To select sides in strength order from the 1st team downwards.
2. To maximise the playing strength of the club.
3. To ensure that all players are treated fairly.
4. To encourage movement between the teams (reducing the culture of team squads).

Initial Selection

5. All sides may select up to 13 players for a fixture (or as agreed by the club committee).
6. Any side playing in a cup quarter-final or beyond may select up to 14 players.
7. All players play for the club not a side. Players MUST be willing for higher or lower sides as selected.
8. Any played who is dropped from, or called up to, a side WILL start the game for the new side.

Team Changes

9. Any player crying off before 20:00 on a Thursday MUST inform the Team Secretary. It is also courteous to inform your team captain.
10. Any player crying off after 20:00 on a Thursday should inform your team captain. The captain must inform the Team Secretary of any team changes occurring after 20:00 on a Thursday.
11. Any player who is called up to a side WILL start the game for the new side.
Advice to Players
12. If you feel that the Selection Policy is not being applied correctly then please express your concerns to a member of the Committee.
13. Late cry offs (after 20:00 on a Thursday) cause considerable disruption to the club and individual sides. Any player repeatedly crying off late is liable to not be selected and may be asked to appear before the Committee.
14. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they know when and where they should be playing. All players can view the weekly team sheet on the club website. If you are unable to do this please contact the Team Secretary to confirm where you are selected. Even if you have said that you are unavailable you should check that you have not been selected.
15. Any player failing to turn up for a side will be suspended from playing until they appear before the Committee.
16. Players who do not abide by the above rules will be suspended by the club until they appear before the Committee.

Advice to Captains

17. Players selected on the team sheet MUST be played ahead of any ‘unselected’ player (i.e. players who were not thought to be available for selection, but are recruited at short notice).
18. Captains who do not seek to uphold the Selection Policy will be asked to appear before the Committee.