SAL Vets Cup Champions

  • 27th September 2020

A big congratulations to our Sunday Vets who picked up the SAL Vets Cup beating Albanian 2-1 in a very tight game.

Match Report


Today, ( Wednesday 30th Sept ) scores of Pantomine Dames marched on Downing street to protest at the banning of Panto for the forthcoming season!

At the helm were a host of MEADS ELITE VETS. Beste was there in full make up and regalia, pushing Ducky Salanson in a wheelchair , after a local butcher performed his knee op. Lukey, Jack and Ed joined the vociferous protest and Thommo and Laurie were in their usual panto horse/mule outfit, Thommo naturally bringing up the rear !!!

This was panto but it was drama at Owens on Sunday.  Writing the report should be an honour, but in truth its not.  It’s a pain!! Thommo had quite rightly observed that ‘ the lack of objectivity ‘ observed needs to be scrutinised and people need to be accountable… Has Pad ever had to write a report despite NEVER knowing who the oppo are,  even after the game? Or is he being protected for having the literacy skills of Harry Rednapp !! Why is Laurie exempt from writing reports when last week he bathed his kids twice in a drunken stupor? NSPCC have been written to, by me as a responsible club welfare officer. Has Goodey 2 shoes ever had to put pen to paper?? Does Skipper Will ever write a report or is he permanently exempt too?? And why hasn’t new ‘Hall of Famer’ Dave ‘ Hit man’ Harvey not been served notice for turning up a day early for the final ??

Thommo was once again handed ‘ The Wig’ for reason (singular) which will be explained. I, KQ, will take the dubious honour for getting ‘ taken to the cleaners’ by their winger in the first half, and can only thank my Ulster colleague (and def MOM) Ali McCombe for bailing me out of trouble on numerous occasions. I am now hurrying the processing of his W4 Green Card,  so he can finally adopt a different accent.

Albanians started brightly on a very cold morning. The pitch was excellent and conditions good for footie. Simon R pulled his hamstring in the first few mins and was replaced by Tim. We spent much time defending without an absolute clear chance being created by A’s. Without playing well we mustered a chance midway through the 1st half when Ed squared a ball, right to central, to Mike Richards, who hit a shot from 25 yards, which the keeper made a hash of and it slipped under his slightly rotund midriff. 1-0. Shortly after a dropkick from Gary was contested by Ed on the right wing. He won the header, lifting it over the defender and cut inside from the right in a very offensive position.  Ready to square or cut it back, the keeper, inexplicably,  moved away from his near post, allowing Ed to side foot with his left in the gap (quite a big one by now) between said keeper and near post. 2-0.

Storms were weathered and we approached HT. Then with my only contribution to the half, Thommo stepped in to claim the wig. An inswinging corner was drifting delightfully straight into the goal (poss clipping the back post on its way in) when Thommo cantered in and cleared the ball over, with his head, from a foot out. Was this pure spite? Was it not enough to deny me (at my age) a goal in a final, but also to deny an assist? Thommo thereby sacrificed a cup final goal of his own and was in mourning for the rest of the day. This may, partly,  be due to the photoshoots of Laurie and Ali cuddling up the week before to enjoy their ‘joint’ MOM. It is not known where Laurie and Ali went for something to eat later, but Thommo was furious.

HT 2-0

Jack C went off injured. Ali Gordon came on and gave us much needed energy. It was a tough, fast pace and Albanians were rewarded for earlier pressure with a goal early in the half. 2-1. Mikey then had a good chance to score before I succumbed to age and injury. Dean Stacey came on and played a very solid 30.mins. The pressure mounted and A’s had most of the ball without creating clear chances.  I recall Gary making only 1 save of note, when a free-kick was drilled in low and he held on to it very well.
We had chances to wrap things up with 3 great opportunities on the break , but none were taken. 

Ed then went off injured and we were getting stretched.  Will took knocks but had to soldier on. Thommo, who went down more than Rocky (in I AND II) kept on getting up on his Bambi like legs and gesticulating to the opponents (like Rocky) to keep on coming!! 

If we had gone to extra time we were done.  A magnificent defence display, marshalled by the aforementioned Ali Mc sealed the win to our relief.

Team. Robinson, Quinn, Goode, McCombe, Pointer, Gerrish, Costello,  Richards,  Glover, Richardson.      Subs. All used   Kenny, Gordon, Wileman, Stacey.

Well done all round. . This Sunday 4 Oct, the bell will ring one more time for the Sunday vets. Can we do one more round, with a patched-up squad, and win 1 more trophy?? Let’s hope so.

Massive drink at Owens and then the Pavilion after. A second successive fabulous Sunday. Well organised again by Rory. Many thanks