Basil Williams

  • 25th September 2020

words from Dermot Jordan

I heard last week that Basil Williams had died suddenly of a heart attack. Basil only played for the club for a couple of years having to retire through injury before he was 30. He was simply a wonderful footballer, perhaps the most gifted that I have played with: in that period in the early 90’s he was commonly recognised as one of the most talented in all of AFA football. He will go down in Meads folklore as he scored a last minute winner in the Clubs first senior AFA Trophy when we beat Civil Service 2-1 in the AFA Middx on the 4th April 1992.

Many of you may have attended. I recall Basil brought song sheets & we sang & drank copious bottles of port in the bar at Barclays Bank Sports Club in Ealing. Bob Atkinson reminds me that Party Politics won the National that day at 14-1. Basil was also an integral part of the team that the following season won the OBFL Premier Division for the first time helping launch what has been a golden era for Meads.

I stayed in contact with Basil, he always remained humble about his own ability & counted himself a true Mead. He did try & return a few years back turning out a couple of times for the vets, but alas 2 replacement hips made mobility difficult. Having played for the club such a relatively short time Basil won’t perhaps be remembered as a Meads legend, but his ability was legend across the AFA & that together with his humility & humour I will remember fondly.

The club sends its best wishes to the Williams family at this sad time.