‘1963 Club’ Lunch

  • 2nd October 2019

In September 1963 the fresh intake at Chiswick Grammar School arrived for their first day at senior school. Strong friendships were forged and, with a common passion for football, a large number subsequently went on to play for Old Meadonians, which was a closed club at the time, the school being the only source of recruitment. Like so many before and since have discovered, the power of the friendships formed within Old Meadonians have lasted a lifetime. Consequently, 56 years later, a number of those players met up for their annual ‘school reunion’ lunch. This year the location was in Cornwall, where Alan Atkin now lives. Those present on this occasion were: Brian Kemp, Derek Barnett, Jerry Atkin, Bob Atkin, David (Charlie) Chilton and Alan Atkin.